International Summer School on Bayesian Modelling
An Introduction for Ecologists and Environmental Scientists
16th - 21st September 2018

We will upload courses materials and update the course schedule on this page when they become available. Please check back regularly.


Participants will require the use of a laptop for the practical exercises. If you are unable to bring your own laptop then please mention this in your application and we'll try and arrange use of a laptop for the duration of the course. Whilst there will be some internet access available, we recommend that participants install the following software before they arrive on the course:

You should install JAGS before installing the R packages. The easiest way to install the full set of R packages required for this course is to type install.packages(c("rjags", "coda", "INLA", "mvtnorm", "INLA", "rgdal", "DHARMa", "mgcv"), repos = c(getOption("repos"), ""), dependencies = TRUE) into the R console.

In addition to the core software list above we will, for some exercises, have some parallel teaching materials performing the same analyses using other software. These will not be directly covered in the lectures but it does give you other analysis options. To run the analyses in the supplementary teaching materials you will need to install the following software:

Course Schedule

Sunday 16th September

4:30pm First ferry to Lygra leaves Bergen Strandkaiterminal (please aim to be at the terminal 20 minutes before departure)
5:10pm First ferry from Bergen arrives at Lygra
6:00pm Evening meal
7:00pm Introductions and course overview

Monday 17th September

8:00am Second ferry to Lygra leaves Bergen Strandkaiterminal (please aim to be at the terminal 20 minutes before departure)
8:40am Second ferry from Bergen arrives at Lygra
7:30am Breakfast
9:00am Introduction to Bayesian inference (Florian Hartig)
10:30am Coffee break
10:45am Introduction to JAGS (Jörn Pagel)
11:30am Lunch
12:30pm Linear regression with JAGS (Jörn Pagel)
3:00pm Coffee break
3:45pm Residual checks and convergence diagnostics (Florian Hartig)
5:00pm Bayesian inference: interpretation and prediction (Joseph Chipperfield)
6:00pm Evening meal

Tuesday 18th September

7:30am Breakfast
9:00am Introduction to Markov Chain Monte Carlo and other samplers(Florian Hartig)
10:45am Coffee break
11:00am Linear mixed-effect models with JAGS (Joseph Chipperfield)
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Generalized linear models in JAGS (Jörn Pagel)
3:30pm Coffee break
3:45pm Generalized linear models in JAGS (Jörn Pagel)
5:00pm The Bayesian paradigm: the prior and other contrasts with frequentism (Florian Hartig)
6:00pm Evening meal

Wednesday 19th September

7:30am Breakfast
9:00am Good practice in Bayesian modelling (Florian Hartig)
10:30am Group exercise 1 (Jörn Pagel)
11:15am Coffee break
11:30am Group exercise 2 (Florian Hartig)
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Free time
6:00pm Evening meal

Thursday 20th September

7:30am Breakfast
9:00am Hierarchical models and observation models (Jörn Pagel)
10:45am Coffee break
11:00am State-space models (Jörn Pagel)
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Regularization and model selection (Joseph Chipperfield)
3:00pm Coffee break
3:15pm Introduction to spatial models (Joseph Chippperfield)
5:00pm Complex and multi-layer models: an overview (Florian Hartig)
6:00pm Evening meal

Friday 21st September

7:30am Breakfast
9:00am Phylogenically weighted regression (Jörn Pagel)
10:45am Coffee break
11:00am Bayesian methods for simulation models (Florian Hartig)
12:30am Lunch
1:30pm Generalized additive models (Joseph Chipperfield)
2:30pm The Bayes Quiz (Florian Hartig)
3:30pm Coffee break
3:45pm Overview of the course (Joseph Chipperfield)
5:00pm Questions and feedback
6:00pm Evening meal
7:55pm Ferry to Bergen Strandkaiterminal leaves Lygra
8:45pm Ferry from Lygra arrives at Bergen Strandkaiterminal
This course is run in partnership with and supported by:
Norwegian University of Life Sciences University of Regensburg University of Hohenheim